Alberto Sondri

Cribis Credit Management Executive Director

After starting CRIF Credit Servicing, the start-up of CRIF dedicated to the outsourcing services in the field of Non Performing Loans, Alberto Sondri takes the lead of CRIBIS Credit Management.
Previously, he held the role of Investment Manager and Business Development Manager in the NPL Area of Banca IFIS. He gained significant experience in the area of NPL portfolio assessment and management, overseeing the completion of 24 securitization transactions, both buy side and sell side, with a nominal value of more than 7 billion euro.
He started his career in CRIF working in management consultancy and managing over 30 risk management and business process outsourcing projects for major Italian banking and financial institutions.
Alberto graduated in Engineering Management and gained an MBA in 2007 at Profingest (now Bologna Business School).